Challenge #1
March 17, 2020
Today's challenge is: create a dramatic animal portrait by adding highlights and shadows with the dodge, burn and smudge tools.

Challenge #2
March 18, 2020
Today's challenge is: seamlessly combine the foreground of one image with the background of another. Use a Curves Adjustment Layer to match colors.

Challenge #3
March 19, 2020
Today's challenge is: design a dynamic sports poster using Layer Styles, Adjustment Layers and Filters.

Challenge #4
March 20, 2020
Today's challenge is: design a dance club flyer using Text Layers. Use Layer Styles and Filters to add unique effects to your design.

Challenge #5
March 23, 2020
Today's challenge is: make your photos look more professional by removing unwanted objects with the Content-Aware Fill Workspace, Patch Tool and Clone Stamp Tools.

Challenge #6
March 24, 2020
Today's challenge is: create a funny face mashup using Auto-Blend layers. 

Challenge #7
March 25, 2020
Today's challenge is: create a superhero inspired photo composite using Blending Modes and Adjustment Layers

Challenge #8
March 26, 2020
Today's challenge is: design a book cover! Add two images to your cover and then use color channels to create a double exposure effect.

Challenge #9
March 27,
Use the new Capture feature inside Photoshop Libraries to create a pattern. Apply your pattern to any article of clothing using distortions, liquify, and Blending Modes
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