Daily Creative Challenge
Build your Photoshop skills in just 9 challenges! | May 12 - May 22
for educational purposes

Gilded Objects
Turn any object into a golden statue using the Apply Image command and Blending Modes.

Play with Perspective​​​​​​​
Make 3-D objects pop out of a 2-D surface using Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers.

Surreal Portrait​​​​​​​
Design a surreal portrait by combining and manipulating photographs with Blending Modes and Adjustment Layers.

Invisible Objects
Remove sections from an object or subject, giving it an invisibility effect using the Clone tool and Spot Healing Brush.

Fancy Text
Design extravagant text effects using patterns and text layer styles.
Example Text, My Layer Styles and Typeface Properties, Pattern Created 

Custom Currency
Imprint your face on a custom metallic coin using filters and vector shapes.
(I chose to use the instructor's face for this challenge.)

Sports Jersey
Design a custom sports jersey using Blending Modes and a Displace Filter.

Roman Statue
Turn a portrait into a roman bust using layer masks, adjustment layers and stock images.

Floating Island
Create a surreal mystical floating island using stock images.
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